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(((Mutha Icons)))

The Mutha of all Icon Journals

Mutha Icons
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Welcome to Mutha Icons!


1 We would appreciate it if you joined first before taking any icons. I might post some member only material and you wouldn't to miss that, would you?

2 If you use an icon, leave a comment saying which one you took.

3 All members can snag the icons, but only contributors can post them. If you want to become a contributor, email me.

4 When posting to the community, please use an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do this you can find out here: FAQ #75. You may post a maximum of 3 "teasers" outside of the cut.

5 That's all enjoy!


We are always looking for contributors! If you think you got what it takes then send me an email telling a little about yourself, what kind of icons you're interested in making, and include some sample icons.


If you become a member and use and an icon please rep one of the banners!

The code is: <*img src="http://img.photobucket.*com/albums/v661/pimpin_in_pink/BANNER.bmp"> (Remove stars first)

The code is: <*http://img.photobucket.*com/albums/v661/pimpin_in_pink/muthaicons.bmp">
(Remove stars first)


numchuck908 (at) hotmail.com

(want to become one? see above)